Rehabilitating and Upgrading Project of Hai Phong Water Supply System – Phase 2 (Hai Phong Water Supply Project)

Location: Hai Phong

Country: Vietnam

Client: Hai Phong Water Joint Stock Company

Hai Phong, the third largest city in Vietnam, located about 100km from capital Hanoi, serving as the main port for the northern cities of Vietnam, has been growing rapidly recently. It has made considerable socioeconomic development gains. However, the development of infrastructure has not kept pace with the social and economic needs in particularly in water supply and urban sanitation sectors. According to the Decision No. 1448/2009/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on adjusted Hai Phong Master Plan by 2025 with the vision to 2050, the city will be expanded and some new areas will become the urban areas; by 2025, these areas will have become the urban areas with the population density of 2-2.5 million as plan while they have no concentrated water supply system. Therefore, Haiphong Water decided to carry out Haiphong Water Supply Project under Vietnam Water Sector Investment Program Multitranche Financing Facility (MFF) – Periodic Financing Request 2 (PFR2) in respond to the water demand by 2025.

The project includes 04 components as follows:

(i)        Do Son Component (Rehabilitation and Construction of Do Son Water Supply System and adjacent areas): Construction of a new Hung Dao Water Treatment Plant with the capacity of 25,000 m3/day; Rehabilitate/convert existing Do Son WTP into a booster pumping station; and Construction of 20 km transmission mains and rehabilitation of distribution systems (about 20,000 connections) in Do Son, Duong Kinh, Kien Thuy districts and adjacent areas;

(ii)       An Duong component (Upgrading of An Duong WTP): Rehabilitate/upgrade An Duong Water Treatment Plant from 100,000 m3/day to 200,000 m3/day, including reservoir, pumping system, chemical building, etc.; and about 5km transmission pipelines;

(iii)      Northern Cam River Component (Construction of Water Supply System in Northern part of Cam River): Construction of a new Ngu Lao Water Treatment Plant with the capacity of 25,000 m3/day in Northern part of Cam River area, about 18 km transmission pipelines, and Tan Duong booster pumping station;

(iv)      Kim Son Component (Construction of Kim Son Water Supply System): Construction of a new Kim Son Water Supply Plant with the capacity of 25,000 m3/day, about 21 km transmission pipelines.

Provided Services:    Contract No. CS3: Construction Supervision and Contract Management (CMC) for Do Son and An Duong Components              

Funding Agency:       Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Duration:                  32 months (from December 2016)

Association Company: Vietnam Water, Sanitation and Environment Joint Stock Company (Viwase)