Mekong Delta region Urban Upgrading Project – Can Tho City Sub-project

Location: Can Tho

Country: Vietnam

Client: Mekong Delta Region Urban Upgrading PMU – Can Tho City Sub-project

The Project’s development objective is to improve infrastructure services in Low Income Areas in the six project cities in the Mekong Delta Region. In each city, the Project will focus on upgrading basic infrastructure in Low Income Areas to achieve investment efficiency and sustainability.  This means that in addition to improving infrastructure within the low income areas (tertiary upgrading), the project will also support improvements to the primary and secondary networks connected to the tertiary upgrading.  Each project city has four identical components: (i) Tertiary Infrastructure Upgrading in Low-Income Areas; (ii) Supporting Primary and Secondary Infrastructure; (iii) Resettlement Sites; and (iv) Implementation Support and Project Management. There is additional technical assistance component in the project to support the Ministry of Construction to further develop the National Urban Upgrading Program and for project coordination and implementation.

The project is worth approximately US$292 million financed by World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA).